Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival

Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Alicia Retes Will Be On Stage For The 2020 Evening Program.

Alicia Retes will be one of our evening tellers for the 2020 festival see Alicia's bio below.

Alicia Retes brings Native American stories to life through voice, movement, and gestures. Alicia - part Mayo, Yaqui, and Cherokee - is a multifaceted artisan. Her stories are influenced by personal wildlife adventures on land and sea combined with an appreciation for all people globally. As the indigenous interpreter at the Museum of the American Indian she shares her knowledge in English, Spanish and Coastal Miwok languages. Her original stories of tricksters, shape shifters, and creators has been shared in schools, libraries, businesses, and community events in the United States and Australia.

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