Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival

Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival

Monday, January 21, 2019

Local Talent and Guild member Mike Tomson in the evening lineup

I have been out telling with Mike for fundraisers and at our guild events.  Listening to Mike is always a treat. 

We welcome back to our stage, Mike Tomson. Mike has experience teaching, presenting, coaching, and telling in a number of venues. He  captivates his audiences with life stories and indigenous lore. Raised in an oral island tradition, he remembers histories; carved in the rafters and shared in the fire light. Mike knows the power that words have, to shape our perceptions and our experiences. Through navigation, he was taught that we stay still, and that our stories pull everything in the world to us. Mike invites us to travel in our imagination, knowing that whatever we believe in becomes a part of us. He also reminds us that stories nourish our souls.  Journey with him to places far and near, past and present.  
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