Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival

Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Festival History

Mark wearing one of his many hats.
The Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival came about in 2015 when Foothill Storytellering Guild member Mark Berry "had a dream".  In Mark's dream people would not have to wait until summer for the Sierra Storytelling Festival each year for great storytelling, we would have a storytelling festival in the winter as well.  Mark brought the idea to some of his fellow Foothill Storytelling Guild members and it took off.  The first festival was held on the last Saturday of January 2016 and it has been held on the last Saturday of January at the General Gomez Art & Events Center every year since.  The event is free and completely funded through donations from non profit community groups, local business and individuals.  The staff is all volunteer from a group that just loves a good story.

While the format has modified slightly with experience it has always had the same basic formula.  A childrens event in the morning that features Storytellers with special skills for working with children (in the company of their parents).
Joan McCammon and Ed Ed Lewis 2018 Childrens event.

Later in the morning there is a Storytelling Workshop that explores the basics of Storytelling.

Marianna deCroes giving the 2018 Storytelling workshop.

An early afternoon for Open Storytelling where those that sign up for a spot get five minutes to tell their no props, family friendly story.

Dave Werkley in Open Telling.  Dave also does much of the graphic artwork for the festival.
A late afternoon Liars Contest where Tellers sign up to compete on who can tell the biggest whopper to win a trophy.  
Winner of the 2018 Liars Contest receives his trophy.

Finally an evening headliner event where professional Storytellers often of international acclaim give us one heck of a show.

Izzi Tooinsky in front of a packed house.

Attendance goes up every year and we have still managed to keep it free.  Keep an eye on this site for details on our next upcoming event!

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